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Ethel Rucker

Ethel Rucker is a proud mother and entrepreneur. Photography has always been a passion of hers but due to life experiences she wasn’t always able to pursue her passion and family comes first. Now she’s able to walk in her purpose.

Ethel has flourished in photography and has started her own business, Hart Eclectic. As a former COTS program participant, Ethel has had great opportunities partnering with COTS for numerous photo shoot sessions which includes graduations, family photo shoots, and headshots of COTS CEO, Cheryl P. Johnson, to name a few. Her biggest success to date was capturing headshots for the Detroit Opera House staff. Her work has also been featured in campaign literature and billboards. In the early stages of her photography career Ethel interned with an international photojournalist from Detroit.

Now that Ethel is stable she is living her truth. She is a single mother of four beautiful children – two boys and two girls, a student, a mentee, and an entrepreneur. She is continuing to pursue her goals by being a member of supportive and uplifting woman’s groups such as Warrior Woman Against Poverty and the most recent being The Ladies League of Detroit. Some of her other entrepreneurial talents and hobbies are customizing items such as shoes, mugs, clothes, and wooden artwork. To book Hart Eclectic or for further information, contact Ethel at

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