The Art of the Family


Homelessness is America’s most visible, invisible crisis. On any given night in Detroit alone, a staggering number of over 14,000 people are impacted by homelessness. While a number of factors 
such as poverty, economic disparity, and racial inequity,can answer why there is homelessness in America, the question still remains as to how we solve a crisis affecting thousands of families in Detroit every day.  

‘The Art of Family’ campaign is about finding beauty in overcoming personal struggle. COTS, along with SAGA, initially partnered five Detroit families with five local artists to have a candid conversation about homelessness.  We commissioned these artists to use their talents to create an original work of art — be it a poem, painting, or photo collage — inspired by the diversity, hope, and journey of each family’s story. Culminating in a series of videos and photographs, ‘The Art of Family’ puts a face and a backstory to the issue of homelessness in the city of Detroit.

This campaign has since transitioned into a series of conversations hosted by Cheryl P. Johnson, COTS CEO, and a variety of COTS partners including families, community organizations, city officials, leaders, and advocates. These conversations are shared through The Art of Family podcast series available on iTunes.

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